04 October 2008


We went out today after the morning session of General Conference. The boys started soccer today, and neither of them still fit in their shoes from last season...which doesn't really matter, since they are going to play indoor soccer this year, and need totally different shoes...but anyway... We stopped at Home Depot to get some bricks to line the fire pit we want to construct, and some lumber to fix the gate, and it was kid's build something day at Home Depot, so the kids all built a goal post. Here is them with their creations.

Other than that, we missed the afternoon session of General Conference (we TIVO'd it so we can still watch it later) so we could take the boys to their soccer practices. It is mixed teams (boys and girls) and they practice in the gym with these balls that look and feel like giant tennis balls. I took Isaiah, and his coach really doesn't know what to do. The other team was doing jumping jacks, running laps, and basically looked organized. Isaiah's team just kind of hap-hazardly kicked balls into the goal, until one of the other parents couldn't stand to watch anymore, and went over and helped without taking over. She did great...I hope she is there next time too.

That's about all we really did today. Can't wait for Conference tomorrow! I loved L. Tom Perry's talk, and my kids liked the one about what they were supposed to be doing during sacrament meeting. Darwin said the priesthood session was really good to.

Blog ya later!

Oh!! And for my blogging friends who have no idea what half of this blog is about...twice a year, our church has a worldwide conference where the prophet (leader of our church), Thomas S. Monson and other church leaders address us. It is broadcast from Salt Lake City, UT by satellite to every LDS (mormon) church building in the world, and can also be seen on TV and the internet (and in some places also on the radio). We get to watch it at home on BYUTV, which I enjoy. You're all welcome to watch or listen...it is pretty good. I love hearing the prophet speak! Anyway, you can see it by clicking here and it is on at 10am and 2 pm Mountain Daylight time.


Rana said...

How fun for the kids to make a goal post! I SOMETIMES wish I had little kids again to go do fun things with. Hey I liked L Tom Perry's talk too and I was just looking for another book to read since I just finished the Pelican Brief so I pulled out Thoreau's works. I have had it a long time and never read it so here goes. I always thought he was a hermit too but I guess I learned different today! Things you learn, listening to General Conference!

Kelly said...

Looks like the kids probably had fun making the goal posts!