06 October 2008

My two smarties.

Last thursday, Brooklin's teacher called me. She was pretty funny (to me) on the phone. She said something like...I took Brooklin's writing portfolio home, and I am pretty sure she is in the wrong language arts class. She is way beyond the rest of the class in her writing skills. She wrote about a scuba diving trip and it was really descriptive and I felt like I was there... I kind of laughed; Brooklin is an amazing writer (to me). She has a way with putting words on paper. She was in AP Language Arts (BTW...WHY?? can't they just call it English???) in Hawaii and did really well, and I guess they just didn't see that on her transfer paperwork. The more shocking thing, was the teacher also wanted to put her in the AP Math class! Brooklin hates math. That is the only class she carried a "C" in the whole year last year, but she did tell me that it was because she didn't do very well on the tests. Here, they get to have "redo's" or whatever they call them, but she can rework the problems she gets wrong (even on tests) and get full credit if she does them right the second time. The teacher said she would talk to Brooklin, and let her choose before placing her in the AP Math course. She chose to try the AP Math, so we will see how it goes.

Now to my second smartie...Caleb. He handed me a note this morning from one of the teachers asking my permission to put him in the Extended Learners Program. He was too smart for his britches also! He gets to go to another room and have more challenging lessons in Math and Science (I believe) for an hour each day.

We are so proud of our two smarties!


Rana said...

Well, I'm not surprised.....can you send us a copy of the scuba diving paper? Maybe Brooklin will start to enjoy Math more because she has a chance to understand and redo. Do you think the school system in Hawaii was a lot more advanced than Alaska???? Does Caleb like Math?

Kelly said...

Thats cool! :) I'm not sure why they call it language arts either... my schools always did that, I just called it English.