03 October 2008

From 10th, to 9th, to ....


Brooklin had her last cross country meet last night. They had an extreamly short season...only three meets...because there just aren't that many schools to compete with here. There are two middle schools here, and then yesterday they raced with Sitka. They would have had another meet, but school started really late this year (due to the new high school not being done on time), so they didn't even get to travel this year. B. was kind of bummed. She had fun, but I think she likes running the shorter distances from track better. I'm glad she went for it and improved each time.

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Rana said...

I still find myself wondering what would happen if she gave it her all. I'm sure she really is but she makes it look like she is not working at all, that she is just strolling and could kick it into high gear any moment and walk away from everyone. Everybody else looks like it's killing them in comparison. 3 races and 3 moves closer to the top....makes you wonder what will happen next year! GO BROOKLIN!