04 September 2008

Hot Tub Baby

Our house came with a hot tub. While the movers were here, and I was at orientation, Darwin let the kids play in it. They had a blast. Two nights ago, while I was getting ready for bed, Darwin went out by himself because he thought I was going to take a shower and take forever, so he went out without me. Last night, I finally got to try it out.

I am a baby.

I could barely get up enough nerves to walk the 15 feet from the back door to the hot tub. It was in the 40's and I couldn't make myself step out the back door wearing only a swimming suit. I put on a sweatshirt and wrapped up in a towel. I walked out to it, and then couldn't make myself take off the warm clothes (right now, there isn't any place to hang a towel or anything) so I went back in the house and found a little rolling wire shelf thing (it doesn't have a place right now) and brought it out with me. I was able to get the towel off, and then froze my legs trying to get in without touching the sides of the hot tub. After getting my legs in, I took off my sweatshirt. My jaw went nuts chattering, and didn't stop for a few minutes after getting in. Then I complained...a lot. I was cold, the water wasn't hot enough, I didn't like the smell of the chemical mist... Luckily, my husband knows that I have a hard time with new things in the water...have you read about my first time snorkeling?? Anyway, I was finally able to relax, and next time I will have more fun and not whine so much. It was a little fun, but I am too cautious for my own good sometimes.


Rana said...

I laughed my head off! Do you remember the time we went swimming in Idaho City and it was snowing while we were in! I can't even imagine the rest of the story where you had to go back into the house while wet! Well, at least this is the very first post under the heading of whiner/whining! I'm jealous though, wish we had one so I would always know where Dad is!!

L. Strasser said...

that made me laugh! :D