26 September 2008

Brooklin's principal called yesterday.....

...and told me that she had a really boring progress report. There were just a bunch of A's on it. Then he said, "Oh wait! There are pluses after a few of them!"

He just called to tell us that! Pretty cool!

We are excited that she has an A in math. Last year she had straight A's except for math, and that was always at a C.


Also, she ran in her second cross country meet yesterday too. They had to run the course twice around. There were two huge mud bogs to run through, and up (in Brooklin's words) "a 90 degree angle" each time. She improved her placement in the race by one (from 10th to 9th) and will find out on Monday if she improved her time. I didn't have my camera this time because we went straight from the little's school to a Dr. appt. for Caleb, and then right to the meet. We missed the boys race, and didn't even get to see her start. The first time we saw her, her legs and shoes were covered with mud...and she got to run through it again. =)

Good job Brooklin!


Jen said...

How awesome is that, having the principal call for something good! I wish more of our school personnel took the time to celebrate the good. Poor Brooklin, running through that mud. Is it still really cold or did it warm up any? Your last post made me shiver just reading it (from the cold and the thought of bears!!).

Rana said...

YEA! BROOKLIN! WAY TO GO! I am so proud of you. You need to run in AK in order to stay warm! Good girl for all your hard work, especially in Math!

What was Caleb's appt. about? Nosy grandma!

The Lathrop's said...

It's nice when the kids who do well in school are recognized, especially a personal call from the principal :o)