02 September 2008

1st day of school...finally!

First day of 7th grade

First day of 5th grade

First day of 3rd grade

First day of 1st grade


AJ said...

Wow I just found your blog and i can't believe how grown up your kids are getting. And you, you look as fabulous as ever. I still remeber when Dar was cooking you lobster when you first started dating. How unfair to have to move back to Alaska just before winter. Keep in touch!


Rana said...

The first picture reminds me very much of your house on Maui. The door right at the bottom of the stairs. Everybody looks cute (OK, not Caleb, he's cool) and ready to go. Do they all leave at the same time and get home at the same time? Do they have middle school or Jr. High there?

Melissa said...

We all walk out of the house at the same time...and walk to the elementary (it is just around the corner), and then I walk partway to the middle school with B. Their schools start and end 30 min. apart (elementary is first in and out) B. is going to run cross country, so she will actually be even later getting home.

Austin Webb Family said...

Why does it always look like Isaiah is having a Kodak moment? They all look addorable! The hot tub story was great=)!