24 September 2008

Soaking and nearly Freezing

Saturday afternoon, we drove up to the glacier to take our pictures for our Christmas cards. I didn't want everyone wearing coats in the picture, and it was mostly sunny and still warm enough to take off the jackets for a few pictures. After getting some good pictures, it started to sprinkle, so I put the camera away, and Darwin decided that we should go on a hike. He promised he would buy bear spray and bear bells for me...but he hadn't gotten around to it yet. So here we go on a hike at the glacier with no bear spray, no gun, no dog, blah blah blah, and it is raining. Then it starts raining harder....then then even harder. It is pretty much pouring now, and I am about as uncomfortable as I've been in 3 years...no bears in Hawaii... I really am terrified of seeing a bear while hiking. I didn't think we were making enough noise, so I scuffed my feet the whole way. Darwin thought this was humorus, so then I got mad. I was also complaining a lot. He kept telling me to just go back to the car, but there was no way that I was going to go hiking by myself back to the car! I finally whined enough that he consigned to turn around and go back to the car with us. The rain had soaked through all our coats, and we were really wet. We went straight to Western Auto, and bought me some bear spray and bear bells...laugh all you want...they tell my brain that I am ok, so I won't whine as much. And did you all know that bear spray is $50 to $90!! Anyway....

Here is a picture of us after the hike. I am happy to be within sight of our van (it is the green one) and Darwin is like, "So what's everyone's problem...it's just water...I'm just glad my wife isn't complaining anymore."

This morning (Wed). it was the coldest it has been so far. I took a picture of my computer screen...hehehe. I went to get in the car, and my van doors were frozen shut! The kids were chanting "Snow, Snow, Snow!" and running around like crazy people this morning. They can't hardly wait for it to snow, since they haven't played in any for three years. I can wait...it is only Sept! =)

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sarastrasser said...

You could also take two stick and bang them together to keep bears away.