09 September 2008

Back to normal....BLAH!

Well, I have finally hit reality. I had to do actual housework yesterday! I have been taking a break from it for the past 2 1/2 months, and yesterday Darwin told me there was mold growing in the downstairs bathroom, and I should probably clean it...but he wasn't telling me what to do...hehehe. I dug out my house cleaning book, and right there on Monday, Sept. 8, 2008 list of chores was "Clean toilets". BLAH! Don't get me wrong, I haven't been totally slacking, but I have been too distracted with unpacking all the boxes of stuff, starting school, homework, and then of course, playing on facebook and reading everyone else's blogs. What a reality check for me.
Yesterday I:
*made the bed
*washed 3 loads of laundry
*folded 2 loads of laundry
*cleaned the counters
*cleaned the bathroom sinks (B. did the one downstairs)
*changed the towels in the kitchen and bathroom
*cleaned the top shelf in the fridge
*B. vacuumed the living room rugs
*C. swept the stairs, entry, kitchen, and dining room
*C. took out the trash
*cleaned the toilets
*made real dinner
*practiced piano
*and did homework until I cried (I really couldn't figure out two math problems, and had to email the teacher)

For those who don't have the awesome house cleaning book, I am a total list person. If I can check something off of a list, I completely feel like I have accomplished something. The lists are really good, and have stuff on them like; clip children's nails, work on a hobby, pay the bills, plan for birthday cards/gifts, change furnace/ac filters....etc. Very thorough. I found my list at motivatedmoms.com. They even have Bible chapters to read everyday! I'm not sure that I have ever finished an entire page before, and I know that the sinks need to be cleaned every day now, but being able to check off the list makes me feel like I did something and I can prove it! =)

Well, I must be off to school now....Math. I really love math, I am just getting so many rules mixed up in my head, I don't know which one to do first! And this morning, I have already cleaned mirrors, washed laundry, and emptied the dishwasher....and played on facebook and blogged! hehehe!


Rana said...

Good for you............and it makes you feel so good to get those things done. I really love the little book you gave me. I have been using it everyday since I haven't been working. I cleaned the top shelf of my fridge too...it's kinda fun to know we are doing the same things! Of course my dishwasher has been broken for a week and I ain't getting any help. My poor spoiled hands are taking a "drying out" beating! Well, geez, Logan and Levi have full time jobs for heaven sakes and Marnie is in school full time and I just sit around eating chocolates and watching soap operas! And I worked full time last year and I STILL had to do my share. Imagine that?!
Have you always like Math???

Jen said...

Sounds like you're accomplishing a lot. Are you enjoying school so far? I'm sure the math will work out for you. It takes a while to get back in the groove of things mathematically but eventually all the rules begin to stick and it works itself out. Good luck!