21 September 2008

Adoption Profile Updates

We are in the process of transferring our adoption files from the Hawaii office to the Alaska office. We met with one of our new workers on Tuesday last week. The office we are attached to now is actually in Washington, but the guy comes up here to Juneau every month. I think he does more than just adoption stuff...like counseling and whatnot...anyway I talked with Mark on the phone on Monday, and he was going to be here the next evening, so we met with him on Tuesday night. He had looked up both of our profiles, and said they looked really good. He even asked if we had had someone help us write them...hehe... He said that the only thing he noticed was that they hadn't been updated for quite awhile. I went in this week and put up our new house picture, and updated all our ages and years we have been married info, and then made new collage pages for the kids' pictures. These are the new pictures of the kids. I had them this way before, just they were all from last year. Most of you have already seen many of these pictures, but it is nice for me to have them "backed up" on the blog...just in case. =)

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