22 May 2008

Wildcat of the Month

Caleb made student of the month! He is the only one of our kids to make it this year. The First year we were here, only London made it. Last year, all three (Brooklin, Caleb, and London) made Wildcat, and this year the teachers were told to try and recognize different students...because the same few kids were making it each year and the "regular students" were not being recognized, so the teachers tried this year to pick some of the students that hadn't had a chance, and really were doing a good job, but maybe not shining as brightly as the stellar children. Anyhow, the woman who is speaking is the principal, and the woman who is handing out the goodie bags is our PCNC (which I can't remember what that stands for, but she works for the school and is in charge of a lot of the extra stuff...fund raisers and such). Anyhow, we are very proud of Caleb for making Wildcat of the Month. He got a goodie bag with candy and a gift card to Borders Bookstore in it.

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Rana said...

OK so where were all of the other kids that were called up?? Let me guess this was held as a part of the PTA/PTO meetings and no one goes to those. I did hear her say thanks for coming out TONIGHT. Caleb, way to go! Did you know that Uncles Joe, Carter, Logan and Levi and Aunt Marnie were also WILDCATS when they were in the 4th grade? Cody was a wildcat but only in the 5th grade.