13 May 2008

Happy Birthday Brooklin & Darwin

I never did get around to posting a birthday message for Brooklin. Everything seems to be going really fast now. Our first shipment of stuff leaves for Juneau Wednesday afternoon, and I have been running all over (mostly the house and the internet) trying to get things in place...besides the actual things we are packing, I'm trying to figure out rental cars for 4 different cities, hotels for three cities, looking for a house to buy, celebrating/preparing for four birthdays, mother's and father's day, trying to find furniture that will fit the house I like and deciding which furniture has go to, wondering whether or not to ship our second car, or just sell it and get a new one, clearing out the garage, volunteering, driving our dear friends in Juneau mad (I'm sure) asking them to look at houses for us (sorry guys!), and trying not to think about the fact that we are leaving Maui in less than 8 weeks. Some times I just want to hide in a closet and come out and have it magically all done with.

Now...on to the birthday wishes! Brooklin turned 12 on Friday the ninth of May. I so cannot believe that I have a child that old. She is an inch taller than me, and her feet are a tiny bit bigger than mine too. Luckily, her bum is much smaller than mine is! =) For her birthday, we bought her a scrapbook and developed all the pictures she has taken since Christmas. I sewed her a letter "B" pillow, and crocheted her a fuzzy purse. We also got her a CD. She chose to go out to IHOP for her birthday dinner, so we all had breakfast for dinner that night. On Friday night, her activity day leader (my friend with the post-it notes on her car) threw her a party. I took her over and we ate pizza, watched "The Three Musketteers" and the girls made beaded necklaces for their moms for Mother's Day. We all had a lot of fun. Brooklin is amazing to me. She has no fear in her body, and is very athletic without trying very hard. She is not worried about what others think about her, and she has a lot more fun with life because of it. She is a great help to us around the house, and always trys to do the right thing. She is also a beautiful young lady. I am so grateful that Heavenly Father sent her to us.

Next, Happy 36th Birthday to my very best friend, my companion, my love. I actually started this post on his birthday, but I ran out of time, and now it is tomorrow. I love my husband more than words can describe. I appriciate that he loves me, even when I am a cactus, and that he still opens doors for me, and treats me like a queen. I am so grateful that he holds and honors the priesthood, and is able to bless our family when we are in need. I love that he loves his job and that it makes what we need, so I can be a mom. I am grateful that he encourages me to reach my goals and learn new things. I enjoy his sense of humor. It's funny to watch peoples' reactions to him when they really don't know if he is being serious or making a joke...although I do have to get after him for it a lot. I am thankful that we were married in the Lord's temple for time and eternity. Knowing that gives me such peace in my life. I am glad that he is an awesome father to our children. They know that he is always up for playing outside and going on adventures with them. I think I'm one of the luckiest girls around, to have found my truest friend in my husband. We will make 14 years this July, and through all the awesome and wonderful, hard and rocky, lean and plenty of it, I am still madly in love with him. Thank you for loving me...I love you more!

Ok...to the presents. Darwin got a container of water balloons from Isaiah, a rubber shark and a pocket knife from London, a set of Nerf guns from Caleb, and a kite from Brooklin. I got him a book called "Mormon Scientist" by Henry J Eyring, a movie called "Return with Honor", and an ipod case and headphones. His ipod got stolen at the LAX airport on his way home from Florida, and he has been begging unmercifully for a new one. He actually used it every day, so the need was there, but I didn't want to shell out the dough for a new one. Anyway, if you noticed, I only bought him a case and headphones. He was kind of wondering what good they were going to do him without an ipod to attach them to. I told him there might be one more present, but he would have to look through all the dresser drawers (12 of them) to find it. He found an ipod in the 10th drawer he looked in. It said "To: Darwin From: Your Girlfirend (because your wife wouldn't do this)" The kids all asked who his girlfriend was! I said, "Well, I am" Being his wife, I would not pay this much for a present...not because I don't love him, just because I pay all the bills and am keenly aware of all of our expenses. Girlfriends on the other hand never nag about money and just want to get what their man wants...so I decided to I would be his girlfriend and not worry about the cost (this once). He hasn't put it down since. =) For his birthday outing, we went out to see "Iron Man". I wasn't really excited to go and see it, but it turned out to be pretty good.

Look how happy he was just to get the case and the headphones!! He will always make a goofy face when I try to take a picture of him, and he forgot and actually smiled for this one!

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