17 May 2008

May Day

The kids (except B) had their May Day preformanceon Friday morning. Isaiah's grade danced to Pearly Shells. London's grade danced to the Electric Slide. Caleb's grade did a hula to Kananaka (by Keali'i Reichel). We recorded it, but it may take awhile to get it onto the blog. We did it with the regular video camera, and it may not work to put it on here, but I will try. In the meantime, Darwin took these pictures, while I was recording them.

Isaiah's Class

This is Isaish's class. If you look carefully, you can count three little mohawks. The blonde boy sitting next to him, is the one who started the "craze". Isaiah's teacher is the Japanese/Hawaiian lady facing sideways.

London's Class
London's teacher is in the white dress with the blue lei. The kids were so funny doing the electric slide. They were all very stiff legged, and over accentuated all of the moves. When it got to the part where the song goes "boogie-woogie-woogie" the kids all did a little boogying and a little hop. Her partner in the dance was the ladies man of 2nd grade....Jennifer, you'll know him, he was in your class last year. Very charming

Caleb's Class

Caleb's teacher is wearing the orange lei. He had a partner in the dance...the blonde girl with braides. He said she wasn't a very good partner, because she didn't do the dance right. When I asked what it was that she didn't do right, he said she didn't shake her hips! Very cute! The very beautiful Samoan/Tongan girl with the curly hair in most of the pictures is a girl in Caleb's church class.

PS: Gas went up on Saturday again. Now it is $4.37 a gallon...up $.10!! Luckily, after driving by 2 gas stations with that price, we found one that hadn't changed yet, so I got it for $4.27. And Prince Caspian was really awesome!!


Jen said...

Ohhh, they all look so adorable! I swear, I teared up looking at London's group. There were so many faces I recognized (most notably Kaipo--that's one kid I'll never forget!!). London looked so pretty and I still love Isaiah's hair. Caleb didn't look particularly thrilled in his pictures but I think it's probably the age. I imagine Jace will look much the same come our May Day on Friday.

Cory, Heather, & Alyssa said...

I want to see that movie.