12 May 2008

Turtle video

Darwin took Gary (a friend from Juneau who is here visiting) out spear fishing today. No luck, but they got some good video of a turtle.


Rana said...

Sure am glad you got the 2nd video. I almost drove myself nuts watching the 1st one. I thought any minute he was gonna blast out and up and he did nothing! I even convinced myself that I was looking at the wrong thing and that I could see a rock above his head that actually was a huge turtle head with a mouth opening and closing. I'm serious.........watch it again yourself! The 2nd video was awesome! He didn't seem to be scared but just annoyed and trying to get away. He was so graceful just gliding along!

Joel & Lila said...

You need to invest in an underwater camera so that when a turtle comes swimming for your face, you can get it and frame it later! that is so freakin' awesome!

Melissa said...

Actually, with this flip video, you can make stills out of the video with the software it cam with!...granted the quality would be better with a nice camera, but still, this flip video is the coolest thing ever! I think we even convinced Gary to get one....sorry Amber!