29 May 2008

My next project...well one of them

This is the beginning of my next quilt. I am making this quilt for our birthmom. I got the idea while I was reading another couple's blog, and the wife made a quilt for their birthmom. I went out that same night and bought my favorite fabric at the "expensive" fabric store. I am using the design my mother-in-law used on the quilt she made for us for valentines day, because when I was telling someone what the design was, I said it had hearts and leaves on it. When I said it outloud, I thought wow, I guess that would be how a birthmom would feel when she placed her baby in the arms of another family...like part of her heart leaves. London was asking me why I was making the quilt for the birthmom, and I told her that there would be days when the birthmom would be really sad, and sometimes when your sad, it is nice to be able to wrap up in a blanket. London asked why she would be sad, and I said, "Well, she will probably be sad that she couldn't keep her baby, and she will probably miss the baby as well." London got kind of concerned, and said, "Why can't she keep her baby?!" It was kind of a realization for her...she made the connection that if we got to have a new baby in our house, that it meant that another girl would have to give her child to us. I told her that sometimes the girl isn't ready to be a mom, because she is around the same age as the girls who come to babysit for us. She didn't know that they could have babies at that age. I also told her that sometimes that is the best plan for the baby, even if the mom is old enough to have a baby. Anyway, this is the beginnings of the quilt. I don't think I will get it done before we move, but I have started it and will be working on it until they pack up my sewing machine.

The layout

There will be dark brown lines inbetween all of the white blocks and around the edges.

A neat little trick
This idea was in the book with the pattern in it. I am kind of a perfectionist with my crafting (not my housework...lol) and this saved me a lot of time with getting the spacing just right. Seriously, I would spend hours trying to find the middle, aligning all the pieces, and getting frustrated. I was totally excited that this little tip was in the directions!

Once everything is laid out, there is heat n' bond on the other side of the shapes, and I just have to dry iron them into place. The next step is to make a sandwich (top, batting, backing) with each block and applique around each piece, so it doesn't wash off...and it looks better that way too. After all the blocks are appliqued, then I just quilt the rest of the white space, and put in the dark brown lines (quilt as you go strips) between each block, and bind it....aww if it were only really that simple. =)


wyomingerica said...

it looks really good, I love the colors. When is the big move?

Melissa said...

We are packing out the 25-27 of June, flying out on the 4th of July, and arriving in Juneau the 27 of July. We are going to spend 5 days at Disneyland/Sea World, then the rest of the time with family on both sides of Idaho (Western & Eastern)

Anonymous said...

You are a talented loving wife. Not sure howl
I got you, but I sure hope to keep you

Shaneen and Bill said...

Those are fantastic colors and what a great idea for a layout. The birthmom will be so grateful to know her child is going to a home full of love.Great job!!

Jen said...

What a beautiful quilt. I love the colors. And it's such a thoughtful thing to do for the birthmother. I'm sure it will be something she will cherish.

Jen said...

Oh and I sure hope that anonymous comment is from Darwin. If not, you've got some 'splainin to do (somehow the Ricky Ricardo voice just doesn't translate to text!). :-)