07 May 2008

Today's adoption contact

s*: Hi!
MeJ: aloha
s*: i found your profile on parent profiles and i really like you guys!
MeJ: oh! How are you?
s*: very goo dthanks, you?
MeJ: do you have any ?'s for us?
s*: yes actually,
MeJ: shoot....
s*: are your children homeschooled
MeJ: no
MeJ: they all attend public school
s*: great
MeJ: I also volunteer all day every Wed at their school
s*: thats very nice
MeJ: did you have any other questons?
s*: also, if we were to choose you would you prefer an arangement where we would get pictures or no contact or the "auntie" thing or what?
MeJ: we would be open to any of that...we plan to make a plan that is good for both us and the birth family
s*: okay and last question
s*: I live in Hawaii and I was wondering if we would meet before the birth or if you would come after? I am 18 weeks by the way.
MeJ: That is up to you. We would love to meet you....what island are you on?....and it would be nice to get to know you a little, so if we were to raise your child, we would be able to tell them about their birth parents and such.
s*: I live on Maui
MeJ: oh wow! we are in Wailuku...but I will be up front right now....My husband is in the Coast Guard and we just got our moving orders, and will be moving back to Juneau, AK on the 4th of July. We are able to come back here, but I just wanted to let you know now, so it isn't a suprise.
s*: thats okay, i appreciate you letting me know!
s*: well thank you very much for talking to me but i do have to go to sleep, I'm in transition between major ebergy and dead tired right now and im just starting to show and i have to study for university finals tomorrow morning!
s*: Thank You !
MeJ: can I add you on my friend list?
s*: yes of course you can
MeJ: well, goodnight...and thanks for the contact
s*: thank you! good night!
s* has signed out. (5/7/2008 7:44 PM)

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