15 May 2008

1st shipment gone!!

Our first shipment of HHG (household goods) has been packed up and shipped to Juneau. We are allowed to send 500 lbs. ahead of us, so that when we get there, we have some of the basics to live on. It went mostly good. The movers tried to say that everything was scratched and dented...to cover themselves, but one of the items they listed as scratched was brand new and still in the original packaging! Dar set them straight on one or two other things as well.

Tomorrow is the school's May Day preformance. Isaiah's grade is doing a hula, London's class is doing the electric slide, and Caleb's class is doing a chant and a hula. Brooklin's school doesn't do May Day. She wanted to know if she could skip school and come to the preformance, but I told her no. Mostly because I am mean, I think. =)

House hunting is giving me an ulcer...not really, but it is stressful. We have decided to sell Darwin's Ford Exploder, and just buy a different car when we get to Juneau. It was going to cost roughly $3000 to ship it, so it really isn't worth it. We are still deciding if we should sell some of our other furniture before leaving, or just keep it. We are definatly going to sell the computer desk though. It is too big, and we have never had a desk make it through a move yet. It is difficult to get reimbursed for things they break...they make it that way, so you get discouraged with the amount of paperwork, and just give up I think...so we are just going to cut it off at the source this time and sell it here. I'm not really sure how we are going to even get it out of the house, because it is so big, but I guess we will figure it out.

I think that is all of the updates for now. I'm going to post pictures of my second quilt now, and try and upload the real spear fishing video.

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Meleana said...

I haven't been in touch for quite awhile and wondered where your next move was going to be. Juneau, huh?
I wish I could say that I'll see you again before you leave, but I don't know when we'll be back to finalize our adoption.
Look forward to hearing about yours!