06 June 2010

8th grade graduation

Brooklin graduated from middle school on Thursday.  Darwin and I were able to make it to the commencement ceremony...complete with a 7th grade band version of Pomp & Circumstance (still cringing from that one), long winded speakers, and a slide show.  It was just a little ridiculous...to me.  I am really proud of Brooklin though (and every one of her close friends) for receiving the Presidential Award for academic excellence.  They are a really good group of kids and they all take their schooling seriously.  One of the speakers did say something that I really did like.  She said, "There are four things that will make you successful in high school.  Go to school, Be on time, Do your work, and Turn it in.".  We all had a good laugh at the last one. =)

I guess we are now parents of a high school student!!  I don't feel that old...although my natural hair color is getting more gray all the time. My hope for you Brooklin is that you can find your place in high school, that you can find at least one good friend, and that you will succeed in whatever you try.  You are a strong willed child (yes...you are still a child) and you are one of the most fearless people I know (besides your dad).  We are really proud of you B!  You are an amazing daughter of God!  You only have a few short years left at home... (oh...btw...did we tell you we are buying you luggage and a one way ticket to Timbuktu for graduation??) ...and then you will get to go out and experience the world any way you would like to.  Take every opportunity you are given and make the most of each one.  Choose to "be as happy as a bird with a french fry". =)  We love you girl!

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