06 June 2010

Happy 10th Birthday London

London turned ten on Thursday.  Thursday was also the last day of school...so she got a barbecue with the whole school and got to leave school early!  hehe!

Here is London's wishlist:
  • Haircut
  • Skate Bored
  • Convers
  • Sketch Book
  • Pencils
  • New cloths
  • Vamp. Voleser (this is a book...?? i don't know what it is about really, except vampires)
  • Itoch or Ipod nano
  • DS Games - My Sims Kindom

My Sims Kingdom from Caleb.
(notice the "i'm up and my eyes are open - what more do you want from me?!" look on brooklin's face...lol).

New clothes from Brooklin

Isaiah got this duffel bag for London all by himself.  He gathered a bunch of codes from our Disney movies, and had Darwin help him make an account and enter them.  He looked at all the things he could buy with the points he earned, and decided what he wanted to do most was buy a birthday gift for London!  He is such a sweet boy!  He told her he got it for her because we are moving and he thought she could use it to pack her things in.

Dad got London a pair of converse. 
(He was making lots of faces for the camera, and this one was the funniest).

(London also got a watch, a wallet, and a sketch book with colored pencils).

One funny thing that London said on her birthday was, "Now I only have to wait two more years and I can start shaving my legs!!"  She has already been asking me about shaving her legs, but I've told her she needs to wait a little longer...(probably until I can teach her how to do her armpits at the same time, since teaching her now wouldn't make any difference in the amount of hair she was removing from her underarms...lol)

London is a wonderful daughter.  She is growing like a weed and she doesn't let herself get lost in the middle of the family.  She doesn't complain too much, she is fairly obedient, and she is a great friend to everyone around her.  She is also going to be a great babysitter in a few years and an amazing mother in her adult life.  She loves little kids and can play with them for hours.  We love you London!!  We are grateful to have you as a part of our family!

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