13 June 2010

Isaiah's Hawaiian/Alaskan baptism

Isaiah was baptized at 6:25pm tonight!  We are so proud of him for choosing to be baptized!  Darwin baptized and confirmed him, Caleb said the opening prayer, London gave a talk on baptism, Brooklin played the interlude music, and I led the music and gave a talk about the Holy Ghost.  Our bishop told us there was a miracle today.  He forgot to fill the font this afternoon.  He was also late leaving to come and open up the building and as he was driving fast to get to the church he was scoping out all the waterways along his way, because it takes a really long time to fill the font, and he was sure we were going to have to do it outside.  When he got to the church, the font was full.  He didn't know how it happened, because no one there said they did it.  After the baptism, he found out that the missionaries had a baptism last night, and on their way home they realized they hadn't let the water out.  They didn't have time to go back, so they decided to do it in the morning at church.  They forgot to do it this morning too...and the bishop said he was sure that it was a miracle and that God knew he would be late and forget, so he prepared a way for the font to be filled!

There were a lot of people at Isaiah's baptism!  The entire primary room was filled and some people had to stand.  We are so grateful to all of you that were able to come and show your love and support for our Isaiah.  He was positively beaming. =)  Isaiah told us that he wanted a "Hawaiian baptism".  He watched Caleb and London receive "a thousand leis" after their baptisms, and he wanted that for his baptism.  I have a giant tub of leis we received in Maui when we left, so I brought a whole bunch and told the members that after the closing prayer, if they wanted to congratulate Isaiah they could come and get a lei to present to him.  He was so excited that he got to have this be part of his special day!

Dad and Isaiah

Isaiah with his baptism lei

a thousand leis and all his friends

one of the kids said he looked like Santa Clause


Jensen Ohana


Vaughns said...

Congratulations! I missed the baptism but Trey and I were excited about going. I started having contractions so I decided to bunker down.
I'm so glad the night went great.

Kelly said...

Sweet! Congrats to Isaiah!