16 June 2010

2,818 miles

The kids and I walked to downtown Juneau today from the hotel.  We went to the Alaska museum, ate at Pel Meni's, and played in the Del Sol store.  On our way back to the hotel, we found this signpost...

It is 2,818 miles to Honolulu from the parking garage in downtown Juneau.  We have five days left here, and then it is off to our next adventure.  The movers have pretty much packed up the entire house...with the exception of a few random things they just leave in the middle of the floor (which irks me to no end).  They are going to be bringing the container truck tomorrow and loading up all our stuff.  We will be cleaning til our elbow grease runs out, and then we are going to paint the entire upstairs (well minus the bedrooms and bathroom...and plus the stairwell).  We hope to have it all done by Saturday night.  Logan will be helping with the painting and anyone else who might want to help clean or paint is welcome to join us! =)  please?! =)  (I got the entire bottle of maple syrup chiseled out of the bottom of the refrigerator yesterday, so the rest of the cleaning should be a piece of cake, right?) ;)

Well, I should go to bed now.  I have a fun day of cleaning ahead of me tomorrow that I need to rest up for.

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