08 June 2010

Happy 8th Birthday to Isaiah!

Isaiah celebrated his eighth birthday on Sunday.  We have 9am church, so everyone had to be dressed and ready for church before any presents were opened.  Here is Isaiah's wishlist for this year. (spelled as he did on the paper...interpretations if needed after)

  • 1 DS Gam Bo kawgon or in sigd Bowser.  (Nintendo DS game.  Bakugan or Inside Bowser)
  • 2 netll Seowing set. (needle sewing set)
  • 3 a board gam.
  • 4 a sling shot.
  • 5 a bal of yorn. (a ball of yarn)
  • 9 sugar dades.
  • 6 a mine gum ball musen. (a mini gumball machine)
  • 7 a nowtebook.
  • 8 a camera.
  • 10 a new bike.
  • 11 snap dragons.
  • 12 fuchsias. (we recently went to a store that was selling hanging flower baskets.  Isaiah loved the ones with fuchsias.  I also showed them snap dragons and I guess they've never seen them before, but they all loved how you could pinch their cheeks and their "mouths" would open).
  • 13 play House.
  • Newclots. (new clothes)
I'm going to go off on a short tangent here.  Since we have been living in Juneau, we have been feeding the missionaries twice a month.  I sign up on their dinner calendar for every other Monday.  Part of the reason I decided to feed them so often (most families have them over once every month or two) is that I have two brothers serving missions right now.  Another reason is that we were having a hard time having Family Home Evening regularly, but for the past 18 months we have had a spiritual lesson every other week...hehe!  (and we play games and watch movies on the other weeks).  Sometimes the missionaries give the lesson, and sometimes we do it.  We have had several missionaries in our home, and during the winter months when the singles branch is few in numbers we were feeding two sets of Elders every other week.  There are two missionaries in particular that we have really come to love.  Elder Mineer and Elder Starkie.  Both of these young men are amazing missionaries and both were in Juneau for at least six months!  (most missionaries are transferred every three months or so).  These Elders were companions here for a short time and they were awesome together. 

ANYWAY... =)  Elder Starkie's birthday is the 7th of June.  Normally we would have had them over for dinner that night because it was a Monday, but someone else had already signed up for that day.  I wrote our names down for June 6th and told Elder Starkie that it was Isaiah's birthday on the 6th, so we could have cake and ice cream  for both of them.  I made two cakes and we bought Elder Starkie and his companion (Elder Goodwin) some presents.  We got them each an Alaska flag, a Nerf dart gun, and a book of photographs of Southeast Alaska.  We also got Elder Starkie an Aerobie (its like a frisbee, but so much better).  This was the last time we get to feed the missionaries here, since we are packing up next Monday and moving to Hawaii in exactly two weeks

A DS game from London

A lego set from Caleb

some new PJs from Brooklin

a watch from dad.
(again with the crazy faces)
He also got two new shirts and two new pairs of shorts from me...but I was taking the pictures and didn't remember to have someone else take the picture of us.

Isaiah blowing out the candles on his #8 cake

Elder Starkie tried three times to blow his one candle out...and then ended up just laughing at it.  It was pretty funny!

Isaiah and Elder Starkie

Isaiah had so many poses, it was hilarious!  Every time the camera clicked, he would do something new!  what a little ham

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Diane and Colby Dimond said...

Thank you for posting pictures of the birthday celebration. It is so wonderful to know that your family was able to take care of my brother. He mentioned your family to us in his letters home, and he let us know how grateful he was for all you did for him. Thank you!