06 June 2010

A walk out to Nugget Falls

On Friday, a friend of mine (who is 39 weeks pregnant) asked me if I would like to go walking with her out to the waterfall to sort of "help things along".  It didn't work (she is still pregnant today) but we had fun anyway.  They have been building a new pathway out to the waterfall for the past year, and it is mostly finished now.  It looks like they are going to be putting some signs up at the end of the trail and there was one bridge that was still just a plank, but overall it was a really nice walk.  The only thing I didn't like about the new (green rock) trail was that you are in the trees the whole way to the waterfall.  There is also a newer trail along the beach that I liked a little better.  I haven't walked out to the waterfall on the side trail since Isaiah was 12 months old.  We have been out there a few times in the winter, but always just walk across the lake to get there, so the beach trail may have been there for awhile...hehe.

remember the pollen cloud from the west glacier trail post??  this is the spruce pollen in the lake!!

hehe!  Bethany at 39 weeks!

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Vaughns said...

I agree, we should have swam to the waterfall instead of taking the path. I might have went into labor then.
Hey, and I really like the HDR photos.