23 May 2010

Sewing Mania

This past week and a half I have been sewing like crazy.  I've put together four dresses, finished a set of six placemats I started back in December, put together two shoulder bags, and made one headband without a pattern...which isn't hard, it's just I don't usually do anything without a pattern.  I have also watched several movies this week as well...my sewing room has a TV and a DVD player in it...but no cable, so I watched Robin Hood Men in Tights, 50 First Dates, French Kiss, How to Loose a Guy in 10 Days, Hope Floats, Ever After, and Bedazzled.  Next week, I am going to have to spend my days preparing for a garage sale.  Hopefully a big one.  Not sew much fun as last week, but we only have four weeks left, and we're afraid we may be a little over our weight limit... =P

Here are some pictures of the things I have sewed this week.

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Meleana said...

How fun to see the talent you have! Hey, can't believe you leave in 4 weeks. If you haven't heard, the Laie temple is under MAJOR renovations and is planning on being rededicated this summer. Hopefully you'll be there and perhaps can attend the redidication. If I were there, I'd go. The last rededication was I believe in the early 70's.