19 May 2010

My First Tutorial!!

Placemat Bag Tutorial

~*~ 1 Placemat – has to be cloth, and can’t have plastic in the middle.
~*~ 2 1/2 yards of 7/8 in. wide grosgrain ribbon
~*~ one larger button – about the size of a quarter (optional)
~*~ thread, sewing machine, scissors, pins, measuring tape, sewing needle


1. Measure in 4” from the long edge of the placemat, and starting at the center (which will end up being the bottom of your bag), pin the ribbon to the placemat. When you get to an edge, measure out 18” of ribbon and mark ribbon with a pin. Make sure the ribbon doesn’t get twisted, and then measure in 4” from the other long edge and continue pinning the ribbon in place until you get back around to the beginning. Fold under the edge and pin it to match the beginning.

2. Use a straight stitch, and stitch near the edge of the ribbon. Begin at the center, and stitch down to the edge. With the needle in the down position, lift the pressure foot, and pivot 90 degrees. Stitch across the width of the ribbon, and then pivot again, and stitch clear to the other edge. Pivot again to stitch across the width of the ribbon, and pivot once more, and stitch to the center where you started. Backstitch to finish. Repeat on other side.

3. Fold bag in half so right sides are together, matching handles. Pin the sides shut. Match up the fabric edge to the edge of the pressure foot, and sew using a straight edge.

4. With both sides sewed together, open the bag, and flatten one of the sewn edges to match the center fold of the bag to form a triangle at the corner. Measure up from the point 2”, and draw a line using a washable ink marker. Sew on the line, using a straight stitch. Repeat on the other side.  (No need to trim off the triangle).

5. Turn the bag right side out. At this point you can be finished. If you want to add a button closure, you will need a 7” piece of the grosgrain ribbon and a larger (not giant!) sized button. Fold the ribbon in half long ways, and straight stitch down the long, open edges to keep it in place. Mark the center point inside the top and back of the bag, and pin the ribbon to form a loop. Sew into place. Hand sew the button to the front, top, center of the bag.

I originally made this tutorial for a Relief Society activity in Maui.  I thought it was part of my blog, but didn't find it on here.  My desktop computer is dying a slow death and I don't want to loose this (and the many other things on it).  I hope you have fun with this!  If you make a bag, I would love to see a picture...leave me a comment with a link. =)  thanks!


just me said...

my kiddos and i are going to have to make these this summer - great tutorial, melissa!!

The Dunow Family said...

Love it. This is the perfect project for my girls.