09 May 2010

Happy Birthday to B!

Brooklin turned 14 today!
I think this is the second time she has had to share Mother's Day with me...but when she is old enough to celebrate Mother's Day herself, she will get double presents!! =)

Brooklin's wish list:
1. Piano Music
     ex. Fireflies by Owl City
           Elenor Rigby - Beatles
           Indiana Jones
           I wanna hold your hand - Beatles
           Brad Paisley
           Taylor Swift

Camera - haha, probably
iTouch     not going to get (either of these)

Cool/simple croshet patterns (stuffed animals, gloves, bracelets, scarves, etc.)
How to knit book/simple/cool patterns for knitting
A watch

She also decided on Saturday that she wanted a whale tail necklace.  I had bought one downtown last year as a last minute gift idea for my stash, and decided to give it to her.  She asked for either Swedish pancakes or katsu chicken for her birthday dinner.  Sunday night we had the Swedish pancakes, and Monday night we ate katsu chicken...partly because the missionaries were coming over for dinner and I had told them I would make katsu chicken for them.

Whale tail necklace

Brooklin got contacts for her birthday.  We actually got them a few weeks ago and she is really enjoying them.  We wrapped up some contact solution for her to open so she would have her 5 gifts. 



She also got a new black skirt, green blouse, and two t-shirts.  One has Tweety Bird on it and says "Chick with Brains" on it, and the other says "Grouchy" and has Oscar the Grouch's face on it.  She picked out both shirts, not me. =)  When she picked it up I asked her if she remembered about the Oscar the Grouch shirt from when she was six...she didn't.

When she was about six, Kmart advertised some polar fleece hoodies with Sesame Street character faces on the front.  One of them was grey and navy, and had Oscar's face on it.  She was throwing a fit about something one day, so I got the ad and told her that if she kept it up, I was going to take her to Kmart and buy her the Oscar the Grouch shirt and make her wear it.  She immediately fixed her attitude!  She DID NOT want to wear the grouch shirt!!  When we would go into Kmart, we would walk past the shirt  and I would ask her if I should get it.  She would yell NO!
One day, I bought one (because there were only a few left and it was a great attitude adjuster).  I think we made her even wear it once...even though it was several sized too small...  I just thought it was so funny that now she was asking for one!  hahaha!

She got a book called "The Red Pyramid" (by the author who wrote the Percy Jackson books), the 4th book in the Fablehaven series, and a book called "The Library".  "The Library" book has a picture of a girl with big hair on the front.  She has her nose in one book and is pulling a wagon full of books behind her as she is walking down the street.  As soon as I saw the book, I had to pick it up and read it, because it looked just like a picture of Brooklin!  It was a cute story about a girl who read a lot and when she was old, made her own library with all the books she had.

Brooklin has been asking for Converse tennis shoes for two months.  She bought a pair of Airwalk brand "Converse" a few months ago and loves them and wants several pairs now.  We decided to have a little fun with it, so we also bought her a new pair of black heels to match her dress and then put them inside the converse box.  She was so excited when she ripped open the paper and saw the converse box!  The look of confusion that followed was priceless. =)  We went to the closet and pulled out the real converse (cleverly hidden in a dress shoe box)...and the light came right back!

blowing out the candles

cutting the cake

giant pieces of cake!

Happy Birthday Brooklin!  We love you and are glad to have you in our family!!

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