23 May 2010

Piano Recital

The girls had their final piano recital yesterday afternoon.  I am so sad that we are going to be loosing Mei as a piano teacher (since we are moving).  She is a classically trained pianist from China.  She has only been living in the United States/Juneau for the past three years.  She is very strict and pushes the girls (sometimes to frustration and tears) but they have both improved SOOOO much in the past 21 months!  Both girls did an amazing job on their pieces and we are so proud of them for their accomplishments.

 London playing Waltz by L. Streabbog

 Brooklin playing "Variation Theme" (Var. I and Var II) by Beethoven and her own composition of "Love Story" by Taylor Swift

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Meleana said...

Can I just say, "WOW!" London and Brooklin did such a fantastic job! Your family has been blessed to have found sound a wonderful piano teacher. I wish I could recommend one once you get to Oahu. Lori Aiwohi's mom taught, but passed away within the last year or so. Don't know how well you know Lori to drop an email and see if she has any recommendations/contacts for Oahu.