07 May 2010

First Track Meet

Brooklin and Caleb are both participating in track this year. Caleb didn't really want to, but we told him he had to try it out. Their first track meet was today. Brooklin signed up for WAY too many events...the 1600m, 800m relay, 400m, 100m, and long jump!! She was ready to puke by the third race! She came in 1st in the 1600m and second in two of the other running events (I forget which ones). Caleb signed up for the 400m, 200m, long jump, and discus. He was out in front for most of the 400m, but towards the end, as he was running past the bleachers, he started to try and see who was cheering him on, and who was coming up on his backside...and when you don't look straight ahead when racing, you slow way down. I think he came in 2nd. (I just got told that he made 1st in his heat in the 200m...he ran that race after I left). I had to leave before it got over (I had to be at my final photography class), so I didn't get to see all the events, but I was able to take a few pictures. Their season is so short...only 3 meets!! They only have one other middle school here, so one week they host, the next week the other school hosts, and the third meet they both host and have kids from some of the outlying areas come in on the ferry to participate. Then it is all over.

Nic, Caleb, Khalil, Kacey, and Brooklin.
Caleb is the only 6th grader in this picture...The rest of these kids are all in 8th grade and are Brooklin's friends. They are really good to Caleb though. =)

Brooklin and Kasey running the 1600m.

Brooklin winning the 1600m

Brooklin running the 100m. It was kind of a photo finish, but I think the other little girl won.

Caleb flying like Superman! I'm not sure how he placed, since I had to leave.

Brooklin running the 800m relay. They have teams of 2 boys and two girls and each of them run 200m. She was their last runner (and I know there's a name for that runner, but I just can't think of it).

Brooklin's "I'm so ready to puke" face.

Caleb running the 400m

Caleb throwing the discus.
The girl before him didn't have a clue how to even hold the disc...so the teacher supervising the event showed her how. The girl put her arm back behind her head and threw the thing like a baseball!! Flat on!! It was so stinkin' funny!!!

This started out nice...brother and sister love each other...

...then Brooklin tries to give Caleb bunny ears and he tries to grab her to stop her from doing it.

She then wraps the bunny ears around his head and puts him in a headlock...hahaha!!!

Caleb has to call "uncle"
....oh well for the nice loving brother and sister shot!

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