26 April 2009

"What's this?"

The kids didn't have school on Thursday or Friday because of teacher inservice. I was sitting at the kitchen counter on Thursday morning doing math homework (studying furiously for my math final that is on Monday morning) and Isaiah was bored. He started opening drawers and cupboards. I didn't look up for awhile, but then he got into a drawer of random utinsils and started pulling stuff out, inspecting each thing. Then this conversation happened.

Me: Isaiah what are you doing?

I: Just looking to see what is in here.

Me: It's just kitchen stuff...get out of it.

I: What's this? (he holds up a hand held orange juicer I got from a Pampered Chef party that I'm pretty sure I've never used.)

Me: That's a juicer.

I: What does it do?

Me: Well, you put an orange or a lemon in there, and it squeezes the juice out of it. (I can totally see the wheels in his head turning at this point).

I: It squishes the juice out?! Can it do an apple?

Me: It is really just for oranges or lemons. (At this point, he sees the bag of clementines on the counter)

I: Can it do the Cuties?

M: Yea, it could juice a cutie. (His face lights up and he can hardly contain himself).

I: Can I put one in there?

Me: Ye....(he has shot across the kitchen and is putting an entire clementine, peel and all, into the juicer before I can finish my reply)...way~way~way~wait a minute! You have to peel it first!

It takes him a few minutes to peel the clementine, and I go back to finishing the math problem I am on. Since I am sitting right there, and not paying attention, he finishes peeling it, grabs a cup and squeezes juice all over the counter...some makes it into the cup. I grab him a bigger bowl and help him finish juicing it. London hears (from probably downstairs) our conversation, and gets in on the action. I think it was the highlight of their day. Enjoy!


Rana said...

Thanks for taking the time (that you don't have) to post this cute story. (The way you told it was way cute too.) I miss little people and the freshness of the discovery stage. You are a good mom and I am proud of all you do...both with the kids and with your own life! Love you!

Marnie Strasser said...

haha! how cute! that is really funny! I wonder what he was looking for originally...?