18 April 2009

High Adventure

We went out shopping today at a store that is going out of business. I bought two pairs of SouthPole jeans for London, and two pairs of SouthPole jeans and a pair of dress shoes for Brooklin. I paid $95. The total without clearance pricing...$225! Anyway, the dress shoes I bought for Brooklin are high heels. This is not the first pair of heels she has had, but until she tried to walk in them, I didn't realize they were the first pair of heels she's tried on that didn't have the chunky soles. It was really so~o funny. She stiffened her legs, took tiny steps, and was generally falling all over the place! I'm suprised she didn't break one or both of her ankles! I so wished I had a video camera with me. The shoe clerk tried to help by giving her walking tips, but it didn't seem to help. It was just really humorus. She is now wearing them around the house so she doesn't look like a goof tomorrow at church. =) They are very cute on her though.

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Rana said...

I agree ....very cute! too grown up!!!........What size does she wear now? I am trying to find some black shoes with small heels ( I HAVE to wear a dress to work) but with my stupid bunion I end up needing two different sizes ...one for each foot and it is getting annoying!