17 April 2009

Field Trips, Haircuts, and Scout Camp

Yesterday, I was able to go on a field trip with Isaiah's class. They went to visit the City Museum. They really didn't look at the museum stuff...they learned about glaciers. The first picture is of Isaiah making his own valley with a "glacier". They gave the kids an ice cube and a tray of dirt. As the glacier moves, it creates a valley and picks up dirt as it goes. Our home is located in a valley that was created by a glacier (over several hundred years) so it was neat to see how that worked. The other picture is the kids looking at a model map of our town. They were able to see the whole valley that the glacier carved, the ice fields behind the glacier, and several other glaciers that we can't see from the ground (they are up in the mountains).

Today, I went on a field trip with London to the Glacier Visitor's Center. The group I was with went outside and learned about how vegetation can regrow from rocks after the glacier moves and exposes new rock. It starts with lichen, then moss, then fireweed, then lupine, aspen and willow trees, next comes Sitka spruce, and then Western Hemlock. It was kind of fun to learn. Next, we went inside and learned about archeological finds in SE Alaska...like petroglyphs, and paintings. The first picture is of the kids making their own petroglyphs in salt dough. After that, we learned about raptors in SE Alaska. We have eagles, owls, falcons, and hawks. We got to see different kinds of feathers, feet, and skulls from different kinds of birds of prey. (see the second picture). After that, the kids went to eat lunch, and I had to go (to do homework and then go tot class) but the kids had two more demonstrations and then they hiked out to the waterfall near the face of the glacier.

OK, on to haircuts.

Every single one of us got our haircut yesterday. Darwin went to the barber, and I did everyone else (including myself). I lost an inch, Brooklin and London lost 2 or 3 inches, and Caleb and Isaiah got the crew cut that I do...1/2 inch ontop, and 1/16 inch on the sides and back. None of us look too much different...the boys needed it, and the girls just needed the ends trimmed.

Scout Camp

Caleb is going on his first ever scout camp out tonight. He is SO excited. Darwin was able to go with him, and they had fun packing their packs and Caleb got a new pair of boots and rain pants for the trip. They are sleeping in cabins, but they don't have any mattresses on the bunks, so they still get to use sleeping pads and sleeping bags. One of the funniest things Caleb did/said while packing was he kept calling his granola bars "Trail Food" because that is what the list said he should pack....trail food! It made me smile everytime he said it.

Ok...no guilt (although I did mention school) =) ...and it isn't even summer break yet!


Rana said...

So it appears that they learned about the same things but at different locations. Is that the Mendenhall glacier out the window in London's pictures? Doesn't really look big enough. I was just thinking that Isaiah looked like his mohawk had disappeared and now it sounds like you have cut it all off for the summer.

Melissa said...

mom...he actually hasn't had his mohawk since about Oct. he asked me to cut it off, because he couldn't wear a hat with it up, and his head was cold.

...and yes that is the glacier in the background of London's picture. it has really retreated in the last few years, even in the three years since we have been gone it looks a lot different.