20 April 2009

5 lessons in a row!

Our family has tried really hard, and we have had a lesson for family night for five consecutive Monday nights! That won't mean a lot to some of you, but I for one am super excited! We usually end up just pulling out a game or going shopping as a family for family night! =) I have even made family night treats for four of those lessons (cookies (x2), smoothies, and tonight I made banana bread.)

Caleb started it all five weeks ago. He was reading the Friend magazine during sacrament meeting, and found a story called The Big Jar he wanted to share with the family. He prepared everything by himself and he did a really good job.

London gave our next lesson. She taught us about when Joseph Smith received the gold plates. She colored all the pictures and then told us the story.

Isaiah wanted a turn to give the lesson, so he colored a picture from the Friend magazine of the ten lepers being healed (thus far I haven't found the link to it...) He taught us that we should be grateful for everything, and tell Jesus and others thank you. He read us Luke 17: 12-17 and showed us his picture.

Last week was Easter, and we read an Easter story book and some scriptures. The book is called He Lives and is a collection of paintings by Simon Dewey depicting the last days of Jesus' life. It also came with a CD with songs sung by Hilary Weeks.

This week, I gave the lesson. I also used the Friend magazine...they make it so easy... =). I gave a lesson called Helping the Lambs. We learned about helping others learn about Christ and feeding his sheep.

Well, I am excited that we are having family home evening lessons more regularly now. It is always hard to keep it going, so we will try and see if we can make it stick!

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