16 April 2009

Summer break is coming...maybe I'll be better at posting then.

It seems that a majority of my posts now are either me apologizing for not posting or something about school...lol...so why break the chain now. I took 10 credits this semester, and with the photography class, I've taken so many pictures for homework, that I don't want to take any pictures for fun right now! I took ZERO pictures of Easter! I did however take this picture for my photography class. The theme was "Hands".

There is a song called "His Hands" by Kenneth Cope that inspired this picture. I just searched YouTube and found an amazing video for the song, so I am posting it below.

We had a great Easter...the bunny came on Friday night (so as not to interfere with the real meaning of Easter...and if you want to watch an amazing video clip about Easter click here). On Saturday, we got chocolate bunnies and hunted eggs. Brooklin also got her first long babysitting job for pay on Saturday. She babysat a little boy from 8am to 2 pm while his parents (the mom works with Darwin) went skiing. On Sunday we went to church and Brooklin and I sang in the choir. I also got asked to do a 3rd calling, and I will post what that would be after it is official. For now, I play the piano for Relief Society and serve on a committee in the Relief Society (the women's organization). They told me to let them know if it got to be too much, and they would lighten my service load, but it should be fine.

Everyone is doing good. I will be happy to have a short break from school...it will only be a few weeks because I am taking an online summer course (English) but the small break will be nice.

I need to go and make dinner, and maybe I will blog again later this week!


Jen said...

I can totally relate to the need to apologize over not posting enough. It's like you get so far behind in putting up new stuff that it seems overwhelming to even try to catch up. That's where I am, almost two weeks without a new post, and not because there's nothing going on, just because there's too much going on and I can't bring myself to write it all. Good luck posting again soon. I miss hearing about your life!


Rana said...

The video and song are amazing! I can't even comprehend what He went through for us, what a good person He was and how mistreated and misunderstood He was. How lucky we are to understand the plan of salvation and what a great example we have to follow.

Angeline and Matt said...

You took that picture? I love it! I think you should submit that somewhere...good job