01 August 2010

Laie Temple Re-dedication

I found out today at church, that my two older kids are going to be able to participate in a pageant for the re-dedication of the Laie Temple!!  Each stake in our area is going to be representing a decade in the history of Hawaii, and our stake is going to represent the time of Joseph F. Smith!  One of the youth leaders also said today that the youth would not only be preforming for the prophet (Thomas S. Monson), but would also get to meet him!  The re-dedication is scheduled for November, and Brooklin's YW leader said she was going to recommend Brooklin to be on the stake youth planning committee...so she will actually get to help in the planning!  I was super excited to just get to take my kids to the open house...but for them to be part of the pageant is going to be a once in a lifetime experience!  So Excited!!

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Kelly said...

Nice! I'm sure they'd have a lot of fun.