25 August 2010

First Stake Dance

Brooklin got to attend her first stake dance last Friday.  (It was actually a Tri-Stake dance).  She was very excited to go and had a blast!  Darwin and I dropped her off at the stake center and then went to watch a movie (Dinner for Schmucks...funny stuff).  When we went back to pick her up, she was beaming.  Her leaders said she made the dance fun for everyone around her, and that she danced the whole night (in heels no less!!).  She danced with a few boys, but mostly had fun just dancing with her friends.  While we were in Idaho visiting family, Brooklin got to go through some of my sister's clothes and came out with a ton of new stuff.  The dress she wore to the dance was actually my sister-in-laws dress that she passed on to Marnie several years ago!  hahaha!  They did not have to dress this nicely, just Sunday dress (no jeans/jean skirts and no rubber slippers...boys had to have a collared shirt on), but she was really excited to get to wear it.

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Kelly said...

I'm glad she had fun