22 August 2010

Coast Guard Cultural Orientation

Darwin had to go to a mandatory Hawaiian culture orientation day for his work on Friday...and since it was Admissions Day and the kids didn't have school, we all went.  They had booths set up (like universities, banks, hiking groups, dive shops) under one tent, a bunch of chairs set up under another tent, and a bouncy house and face painting for the kids.  They did a safety lecture (about sea life, the sun, beaches, hiking, driving...etc.), had a local group entertain us with their hula skillz, taught us all some Hawaiian words...lol...and then we got to try Hawaiian food and the kids got their faces painted.  It was a little funny since we've already had three years of Hawaiian culture orientation...but it was a fun family activity.

I enjoyed everything on the bottom row of the plate and the Haupia.  I tried the lomi salmon (eh...)and the stuff that looks like barf (tasted better than it looked, but not by much), but after Darwin gagged on the Ahi Poke, I decided not to try EVERYTHING on my plate.
Top left to right: Lomi Salmon, Squid Luau, Ahi Poke, and Haupia
Bottom l to r: Chicken Long Rice, Kalua Pork, steam rice

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Jen said...

It literally took me ten years to work up the courage to try Kalua pork. Then I was sad I'd waited so long. I never could gag down the long rice or poki though. I give you credit for trying most of it!