17 August 2010

What's a Walkman?

Brooklin came up to me yesterday and told me that she found a really tiny tape player in a box she was unpacking.  I told her it was called a Walkman and that you could plug earphones into it and listen to cassette tapes...kind of like a portable CD player or an iPod.

Fast forward to today after school.

Brooklin comes into my room with earphones in her ears.  She goes to ask me a question, but has to stop the music she is listening to first.  She reaches into her bag and pulls out the Walkman and pushes the stop button, and then casually asks me if she can go hang out with her friend today after school!!  I said, "What the heck are you listening to?"  She laughs and says, "Well, this didn't fit in my pocket so I had to carry it around in my bag.  It's cool because now I can listen to New Kids on the Block!"


Seriously funny!  
She loves the NKOTB!!  hahahaha!


The Dunow Family said...

So funny!

Jen said...

Oh my gosh! I was eleven when I fell in love with them. Scary to realize that was over 20 years ago! She has good taste!

Amy Broach said...

That is too funny. I loaded the NKOTB on my son's iPod too. He loves it. lol