27 August 2010

Our Little Cub Scout

Isaiah is FINALLY a cub scout!  He is so excited that on some days he can be borderline annoying...but we are glad that he is having so much fun!  He has been to three den meetings and last night was his first pack meeting, featuring a Rain-gutter Regatta.  He has been wanting to be a cub scout since Caleb started going 5 years ago.  I tried to get him in a school pack last year to do Tiger scouts, but since they do scouts differently at the school than we do at church (mostly just in timing...not a different program) we weren't able to do it.  Here are some pictures of him in his uniform with his boat. =)

He earned two belt loops last night...which I'm pretty sure he can't technically earn until after he earns his bobcat badge... but he was sure excited.

Darwin went up to coach him a little and then I got a shot of him taking video of the race.

This was just a cute picture.
They of course caught me trying to take it so the faces aren't what they were moments before...but still...Brooklin was wearing Isaiah's hat and resting her head on her dad's arm.  =)