10 December 2008

Our Hair Kid

Brooklin is a hair kid. I'm not actually sure what that is, but one of my seminary teachers used to call kids that...but I think when he used it, it was to let them know that they were getting on his nerves. Anyway, I digress. Brooklin loves to do things to her hair. She has TONS of hair, and it is curly. One of her favorite things to do is brush it out in the evening, and see just how big she can get it. She also likes to make herself look like a poof ball head, and then put it all in front of her face, and then put her glasses on over it, so she looks like a very puffy Cousin It. Her friend has some video of her dancing to music looking like that, that I hope to see on facebook soon (Wendy).

Tonight, she came up with a new way to have fun with her hair. What a goof ball!


Joel & Lila said...

Hahahaha! That is so funny! I thought that at first it was a work out ball, but wow, that is one big balloon! She should go to school next year on halloween with a ton of small balloons in her hair like that! It would be the best!

wyomingerica said...

That is to funny, have you thought about funniest home videos.