13 December 2008

...Oh so soft and cuddly!

Do you remember these!!

Monchhichi, Monchhichi, oh so soft and cuddly!

I was at Safeway...the grocery store weird enough...and they had Monchhichis for sale! I so couldn't believe it! I went to get milk and bread, and came home with a little piece of my childhood. It was so funny, I kept touching them in the cart, because I couldn't believe they were in Safeway and I could buy them! I called my mom immediatly to tell her about them. One year I even dressed up as a Monchhichi for Halloween. I wore a brown sweater, brown pants, I put my hair up in a ponytail on top of my head, and my mom made me a bib and I even painted my nose brown (if I remember right). I've added a picture below of me when I was seven or eight holding a Hershey bear and my Monchhichi. MOM, if you even try to post a comment about why I was laughing in this picture, then I will have to beat you to it. =) I was laughing my head off in the picture because my mom said smile, and instead I.... well I cut the cheese...and I thought it was totally funny, especially because I was sitting on a wooden rocking chair and that seemed to amplify the sound.


Rana said...

Glad you confessed everything cause I didn't even remember that story! In fact I never even noticed you were holding the monchee-chee in that picture.I'm glad you posted the pictures cause I couldn't remember exactly what they looked like even tho I knew the song. Do you have the Halloween picture? I do remember the Hershey Bear though. It had a small elastic loop on it's head and you used to stick a Barbie on his head and take her for a ride!

Angeline and Matt said...

Never even heard of such a stuffed animal! Oh and you look so cute as a kid dressed as one! It's nice to check in on you guys, I look at your blog whenever you post something new, I'm just not a very good responder:( Merry Christmas!