28 December 2008

Christmas traditions

Ever since I can remember I have eaten strawberry waffles on Christmas morning. It is a tradition that as far as I know is carried out by everyone in my dad's family; including his six sibling's families, my 37 cousins and since more of them are married with children than aren't now...however many of their families too. I of course, shared this tradition with my husband and children and we enjoyed strawberry waffles on Christmas morning. Maybe sometime, I will try and come up with how many spouses and children my cousins all have, but for now...it will just be numbered as a lot. =)


Jennifer said...

Yep, us too, but I have to admit that we cheat and go over to my mom's house to eat them, that way she does all the work, and we just show up and reap the benefits! Muah ha ha! By the way, for your readers information, there are 25 married Strasser grandchildren, and I believe there are 65 great grandkids with at least one on the way... I'm not sure if I have missed any, it's hard to keep track sometimes... :)

Marnie Strasser said...

That is one of my most favorite traditions! I love Strawberry waffles!

Angeline and Matt said...

ummmmm, where can I get mine:)