16 December 2008

Kung Fu Fighting!

We bought a PlayStation 2 in Dec. of 2002. We bought it because of one particular game ... EyeToy Play. We were introduced to the EyeToy game by Darwin's sister Lisa while we were visiting Idaho for Christmas. We played her playstation every other night, because it gave us all such a work out, we were too sore the next day to play it again, and had to give our bodies a break. We left his parent's house and headed to my parent's house, and we didn't have a playstation, so we went to Toys R Us and bought one...and the game. We came home and played it with my family. My parents came home one night, and from their car they watched us through the window. They didn't have any idea what was going on in their living room. All of us were sitting around watching one person standing in the middle of the room flailing their arms around wildly. We always said it would be fun to video tape someone playing EyeToy, but we never did it.

Fast forward to this week...Dec. 2008. We dusted off our well used copy of EyeToy Play, and set up a bunch of lights. We haven't played this game for at least a year. We were all having a great time. Then I suddenly remembered that we never did get any video of us playing the game. We have this GREAT video camera, called a Flip Video. I ran into the other room and snuck up on Darwin playing the Kung Fu game on EyeToy. He knew that I was taping him after just a few seconds, but that didn't stop him from playing. He wanted me to try and beat my old score, so he could tape me, and these are the videos. Enjoy! Oh...I did beat my old high score, and if you have the high score, it takes a picture of you for the leader board...that is what I am doing at the end of the video. Posing for my picture. =)


Joel & Lila said...

You looked like you were trying to lead an orchestra or something...pretty funny!

Graham Crackerz said...

I remember that Christmas! So Fun. We are going to have to make more memories like that soon. Maybe a Christmas in Alaska?

The Dunow Family said...

I am laughing so hard! I am glad you got that on video. Your family seems like they actually like to spend time together.