29 December 2008

New family pictures

We've had a few candid family shots taken recently, so I thought I'd post them.

This picture was taken on Saturday the 27th. We hiked out to the face of the Mendenhall Glacier with our good friends the Daltons and the Rosenbruchs. Wendy took this picture for us, and it turned out great...even with coats on!

This is the picture we sent out with our Christmas cards. I didn't want a picture with our coats on, so we went out to the glacier in September, before it got too cold.

This picture was also taken by Wendy. This is our family at our ward's Christmas lu'au that was on the 5th of December. The videos of us all dancing are further down the blog.


The Dunow Family said...

Your family is so beautiful! You are so blessed. Hope you had a great Christmas. By the way I want to live in Alaska. So many opportunities to play outside.

Graham Crackerz said...

Love the family pics. We definitely need to get ours updated. We missed you all at Christmas and hope to see you in 2009.

Cherie said...

I'm so glad to have found your blog! I've been blogging for almost a year now, however since I started back to work full-time and now school also, I have been neglecting it something awful:( but I hope to catch back up soon! Love the pics, it's so great to reconnect with friends from Juneau!