17 March 2010

Shamrock Shenanigans

 Calvin O'Russell made it to the Jensen house!  The kids were so cute last night...it was like they were waiting for Santa Clause to come!  hehe!  They all woke up bright and early too...just like Christmas morning, well not really Christmas morning...because we do all the opening of gifts on Christmas Eve...but you get the picture, ya? They were all ready for school by 7am!  Most mornings, they aren't even up by 7am!  They noticed all the mischief that our little leprechaun left for them to find...and some that I didn't know they would attribute to him. =)

First of all, he took a whiteboard marker and wrote Happy St. Patrick's Day on their bathroom mirror and drew some shamrocks.

Then as they came up the stairs, they noticed something was off...the rug and coat tree that are usually at the top of the stairs, were moved over in front of the door.  There were green shirts flung about...and he dressed one of the snowman in a green shirt!  He also moved the snowman to the other side of the stairs!  He moved the fake ficus to the other side of the room and he cleaned the gerbil cages and sorted the baby boys out of the tank and into the cage with Ron (their dad)!  (I didn't think they would think he did this, but they were so amazed at how three of the baby gerbils were now in the other cage...they gave him credit!)

He left some interesting things for their lunches today too!  He left them Green Beans in little fruit cups, green fruit by the foot, and some green packaged Pringles pizza sticks, and drew shamrocks on their lunch sacks.  He also left apple juice (in green juice boxes) and some green pear sauce (like applesauce, but it was green).  We also found key lime pie yogurt in the fridge for breakfast!

He left each us a gift at the table.  Darwin got a Planet 51 dvd (little green men?  haha!), I got a Princess and the Frog movie (more green characters), Brooklin got a green Laffy Taffy chapstick, Caleb got one of those "bed-of-nails" toys...everyone always puts their hands or face in them and they make a relief map type of thing...London got a Tinkerbell toy, and Isaiah got a green book.  He also left us each a button with a snappy St. Patrick's Day catch phrase and each of the kids received a golden dollar!

This is so much fun!  I love this family tradition that helps us remember my Grandpa Russell and lets us celebrate a small piece of our heritage.


Melissa said...

Comments from facebook...

Carrie Lyn Cartwright Lea
This is a really neat tradition!
11 hours ago ·

Heather Kroll
so cool! I agree with Carrie, neat tradition.
9 hours ago ·

Lila Strasser
Seriously love it! I will have to start that tradition soon. Fun fun fun
9 hours ago ·

Melissa Strasser Jensen
ha Lila...you will! seeing as you have a little Calvin! Fun stuff. =)
9 hours ago ·

Ryan M Allen
What Fun!
8 hours ago ·

Rana Russell Strasser
So happy you remember Grandpa and have a pot o' fun at the same time!
about a minute ago ·

Kelly said...

You guys always do such fun stuff on holidays :)