14 March 2010

Lucky Lissa

Last Saturday we took the whole family to the home show here in Juneau.  It cost us $15 to get in.  ($5 each for Darwin, Brooklin, and I...the other kids were free).  We had fun walking around and looking at stuff, but we really went with two purposes...to find someone who would give us a free estimate for painting the inside of our house and to sign up for all the free prizes.  hehe!  We found only one person who was a house painter, (she called this week while I was in class to set up a time to come by, and I haven't returned her call...oops) and we signed up for every raffle we could.  The next day after church, I got a phone call from some guy from the home show.  He was calling to tell me that I had won a set of drills!  haha!  I went down this week to pick them up at Alaska Industrial Hardware and apparently they are really nice (and expensive)!
I won a DeWALT 18V Compact Lithium Ion Compact Drill and Impact Driver Kit that retails for around $270!  I don't even know what an impact driver is...haha!...but I am a nice wife and I'm going to give it to Darwin.  He is very excited, but hasn't had a chance to even see it yet, because he left early on Monday morning and I hadn't been in to pick it up by then.

The reason this post is titled Lucky Lissa, is because that is one of the names my family used to call me when I was younger.  One day, I went out into the backyard when we lived in Pasco, WA (so I was somewhere between five and eight years old) and found 23 four-leaf clovers!  My mom helped me save a few of them by sticking them in between two sheets of clear laminate paper.  I gave a few of them away and I don't really know what happened to most of them, but I'm pretty sure I still have one of them in a box of my childhood memories.  I think I am pretty lucky in so many things.  I have a great life...not gonna lie...I have the best husband for me, awesome kids, I've been able to live in some of the most beautiful places in the world (or at least the United States...hehe), I have the gospel, the scriptures, and a ton of cheerleaders and friends in life.  I have won a few things by chance, but I am grateful for the things Heavenly Father has blessed me with in this life. 

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Kelly said...

Wow, awesome thing to win! Congrats