14 March 2010

Mouth Power

The kids and I braved downtown Juneau this weekend.  It isn't all bad down there, it is just insane trying to find a place to park.  All the streets are narrow and nearly all of the parking is along the street, and I am not good at parallel parking.  We went down to see the Mouth Power exhibit at the Juneau Museum.  It was a cute setup.  They had a giant set of teeth with a huge toothbrush and floss the size of yarn.  There was a dentist's chair and several small white lab coats so the kids could pretend to be the dentist.  They had some displays about smoking and tobacco use and several animal skulls so we could see different kinds of teeth.  While we were there, London sat down in the dentist chair and said, "I have a really loose tooth.  You should come over here and pull it out."  I thought she was playing, but she was serious!  I walked over and yanked out her tooth!  haha!  She lost a tooth at a display about teeth!  Pretty funny.  We bought her a souvenir tooth holder from the gift shop. 
After the museum, we stopped in a little new/used bookstore on our way back to the car.  We all love books.  Brooklin bought four books, Caleb bought two, and I came home with four or five.  We had some other shopping to do on Saturday (since it IS a special day....lol!) so we walked back to the car and drove to the stores.  We went in to Payless Shoes at one point to buy Isaiah some new Sunday shoes.  After picking out some that fit him, we all started trying on random/crazy shoes...super high heels for me, knee high lace up converse for Brooklin, wedge heel tennis shoes for London...I think even Caleb tried on a pair of shoes.  It was getting time to go, so I told the kids to start cleaning up all the shoes we had gotten out.  London was sitting on the floor surrounded by boxes of shoes, and said to no one in particular, "I could do this all day..."  We all had a good laugh at that one!  We came home and played a game of Settlers of Catan and then had French Toast for dinner.

Darwin has been in Florida this past week visiting with his brother's family in Satellite Beach and this week he's attending a Cruise Ship Expo (I think) in Miami for the Coast Guard.  He should be home on Saturday night...hooray!  We have been having fun talking with him over the internet.  We both have laptops with a webcam in them and we have been using Yahoo Messenger 10 to video chat.  The kids and I all squish into the picture and have fun seeing and talking with him!  I love video chat!  We just tried out Skype today, and it seemed to be a good option as well.

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