14 March 2010


This week is my Spring Break.  It is so hard to blog during school.  It seems to me like I have more homework than ever before this semester, but that isn't what this post is about.

Meet Bob

Bob was Caleb's flour baby last week.  The entire 6th grade got their flour babies on the 4th, and had to take care of them until the 9th.  The teachers did a kind of hat draw to determine whether the kids got a boy or a girl baby and one boy ended up with twins!  They had to take care of the baby for 5 days, make sure it wasn't left alone, and that it didn't get any holes

Caleb was a really good dad!  He got babysitters for Bob when he had an activity that he couldn't take care of Bob, he never forgot Bob in the car or at the house (I did!  I left Bob in the car last Sunday when I was supposed to be babysitting...bad grandma!  haha!), and he was caring and kind to Bob.  Once he came upstairs without Bob, and I asked him where he was.  He said, "Oh.  Bob is taking a nap.  I read him a story, and put him down for a nap."  I looked at the other kids, and they confirmed that he had indeed read a storybook to the flour sack, and put him down for a nap!  I almost cried!  It was so cute.  I'm so glad he took the assignment serious.  I hope that we don't have to experience any of our children with a real baby before they are married, but I am glad that he decided to do the assignment and didn't treat it like it was dumb.


Vaughns said...

You know, your always finding fun things to do here. Thats impressive.

Kelly said...

Aww it sounds like he was a good dad! I'm glad he took the project seriously! My schools never did anything like that.