10 January 2010

Was that Jesus?!!

This year we have early church. Last year, we started church at 1 pm, and this year it starts at 9 am. (We have to swap times with the other congregation so it is all fair and whatnot...) Anyway, the last two weeks of church have had fewer than normal numbers, because people have a harder time getting up in the morning I guess. Anyhow, because we have less people we didn't have enough Priests (typically 16 to 18 yr old boys) to bless the sacrament, so Darwin and another man in our ward were asked to help bless the sacrament. After sacrament meeting, this guy came up to us and said to Darwin, "I have to tell you this. After you got done blessing the sacrament, my daughter (who I think is 4 yrs. old, but I can't remember) leaned over to me and said, 'Dad! Was that Jesus?!" How cute is that. Then another woman in the ward (she is the Primary chorister) came up to me and told me, "Wow! Your husband has such a soothing voice. I could have listened to him all day. It was very comforting."

He sounded just like Darwin to me...but I have always loved his voice. =)


Rana said...

Wow I just caught up with about a month's worth of your blog! I found a good way to get into it without typing in the address. Just click on your profile picture and scroll down to the blog address. Now maybe I can keep up with yours and a whole lot of others as well. This was a cute story and it just goes to show you how sweet and innocent children are and how lucky we are to be surrounded with them. It's kinda sad when you don't have any more in your home but others (particularly grandchildren) can always put a smile on my face! Cherish it while you have the chance!!!

Vaughns said...

I just read your blog all the way to london in Lego robotics. But I have to say, your husband LOOKS nothing like Jesus and is so tall and big...everytime I see him and shake his hand, I think he is going to break my hand. But he does have that voice that is so friendly.
Youll have to tell me how school goes, especially the advanced photo. class. I wish I would have signed up. But, it costs alot for me out of pocket unfortunately. I was lucky to take the last one.