17 January 2010


So...are you all tired of hearing about our gerbils?? haha! They are like the new TV in our home. All the kids gather around their cage and just watch them. The babies are now 15 days old and have decided that they don't have to stay in their nest anymore. Toto (the mommy) doesn't know what to do. For the past two days they have been escaping out of the nest and Toto will chase them down and drag them back...the only problem is that when there are seven of them escaping at the same time it is kind of a loosing battle. The little buggers don't even have their eyes open yet, and they just come rocketing out of their nest at full speed and run willy-nilly all over the place. We were all laughing so hard this evening at them! The kids have coined the term "Toto chaos"...for when Toto was trying to round up her babies and they weren't having any of it.

In other news, Brooklin has been sick since Friday with the pukes. She woke me up at 2am Friday night and within two hours had heaved about 15 times. She ended up sleeping on the bathroom floor, and Saturday morning she tried to stand up to walk to her bed and blacked out (hitting her head on a wall when she fell)! She stayed down all of Saturday and today she stayed home from church. She hasn't thrown up anything today, so I hope the worst is past...and I really hope that no one else gets it! She was just bawling there on the bathroom floor at 4am and in between heaving, asked me to go and wake up Darwin so he could give her a priesthood blessing. She was able to get some rest after that. I am so grateful for having a priesthood holder in our home!

Tomorrow is Martin Luther King Jr. Day, so no one has school. Right now I'm not sure we have anything planned other than sleeping in...hehe. Everyone goes back to school on Tuesday. I don't have a Tuesday class, but I start my next semester on Wednesday. I am taking an Accounting class, an Economics class, and the next digital photography class...9 credits. I haven't taken any business type classes yet, so I don't know anything about how they will go. We'll see!

Everyone else is doing good. We keep praying for snow but so far whenever we get any snow, it rains on it for the next week and it is all gone. We haven't been able to go sledding once this year!

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