01 January 2010


I don't make "New Year's Resolutions"...but I do try to be constantly looking for things to improve myself. I would like to make "New Month's Resolutions" this year. For the month of January, I would like to:
  1. Reorganize and de-clutter my filing cabinets. I have at least four places I keep "important" papers in file folders and they are all full, so I need to make room NOT by buying more file boxes, but by cleaning out the stuff I have. I have a paper hording problem...I just found old bill stubs from 10 years ago! How do you all file stuff? Do I really need to keep the stubs from bills I pay (like the water and cable bills) after they are paid? I know I need to keep some things for taxes, but I don't know when to quit! Do you have a filing system that works?
  2. Read the lessons for Sunday School and Relief Society BEFORE Sunday. I have wanted to do this every year, but have failed miserably. I made a goal in December (that I didn't write down, because I knew that if I did, I wouldn't do it) to read an article from the General Conference issue of the Ensign magazine everyday for one week, and you know what... I DID IT! It was an amazing feeling, and I learned a lot. =) So there are five Sundays in January, and we are studying the Old Testament in Sunday School and the Gospel Principals manual in Relief Society. I want to read the assigned chapters for those classes before class each week, and I can't do it on Sunday afternoon anymore, because church starts at 9am now!
  3. Finish a quilt for my bed. Darwin bought me some black and white jelly rolls (40 two and a half inch strips of 20 different fabrics rolled up and tied with a ribbon...they look like a cinnamon roll) for Christmas, and I have started a quilt that will fit on our bed. I am already a third of the way done with the squares and I have decided to pay someone to quilt it for me. I have never desired to make a giant quilt because the thought of trying to hand or machine quilt it stops those thoughts in their tracks. I always felt like paying someone to do something I technically could do was a waste of money, but I have decided to just do it. I really don't have time at this point in my life to learn how to machine quilt (and when I say that, I mean those fancy free hand quilt patterns) and I definitely don't have time to quilt it by hand! I do have time to piece together squares and a backing fabric...and even to hand stitch the binding down when it is done being quilted, so I asked my friend who she sends her quilts to and there is a lady here in Juneau who will do them for a penny per square inch. This quilt I am piecing is going to be about 86" x 92", so it will cost me about $80 to have it quilted, but I am ok with that right now. =)
Those are my goals for January. I start school on the 19th, so I am hoping to get the filing and the quilt top done before then. We had a great Christmas and I may post some pictures of that later...maybe....hehe.


American Folder Company said...
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just me said...

hey melissa - i do this too! well ... the hording of papers AND making monthly goals. it's so much easier for me to do it that way. seems so much less overwhelming that way.

for me, i chuck monthly bills (like utilities) after they clear the bank. i always save the credit card statements for michael's work account, anything for tax purposes, etc. do you save the kids' school work? this is where i struggle. i either save it ALL or save NONE of it. i have no middle ground. it's bad!