02 January 2010

Hiking on Mendenhall Lake

This afternoon we went hiking on the frozen Mendenhall Lake. We went with our friends the Rosenbruchs and the Daltons. We all hiked out across the lake last year, but this year there wasn't any snow covering the ice so you could see down through the ice this year. It was very unnerving (for me only...lol) so on the hike back, I chose to not walk down the middle of the lake and stuck to the edges. We went out to the waterfall and let the kids play and took lots of photos. We all had a great time. It is the last time we get to go out with the Daltons...they are moving to Utah this month. Wendy and the kids are leaving on the 7th, and JP is following them near the end of the month. I am really sad that they are leaving. They have been some of the most wonderful people we have met, and they throw the best parties I've ever been to. Good luck to you in Utah, and you will truly be missed!

The Daltons
JP, Wendy, Ryann, Bailey, Cody, and Mason

Hiking on the lake

Partially frozen waterfall

The ice had cracked and refrozen in some places. There were also several places where you could see bubbles trapped under the surface.

Thanks Wendy for taking pictures of us!!

He is smiling AND he doesn't have his eyebrow cocked up! I won this one!!! =)

Bailey took this one for us. Thanks Bay!

Brooklin, Bailey, and Jayden



Isaiah looks like he is trying to warm his hands by an ice cube fire! hahaha! He was actually playing the drums on the ice and wanted me to take a picture of him.

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